About Us

A river that forgets its source will soon dry out.

This is an African proverb that I live by. Being from Uganda I’ve always been fascinated by the Nile River. Starting in Jinja from Lake Victoria and traveling over 4000 miles to the Mediterranean Sea, the river maintains its strength despite the distance from its source. 
Like the Nile, the strength and health of your hair are contingent upon the quality of the source. This means using clean products made with your hair type in mind. 
The summer after my Freshman year at USC, I noticed my brothers struggling with their hair and they asked me for advice. The problem was that we couldn’t find hair products for men with textured hair in stores or online. The realization of the lack of representation within the hair aisle resulted in the creation of Nile Hair. Natural haircare for men.

Our Mission

As Lake Victoria is for the Nile River it is now our mission to be the source that provides strength and empowerment for men that have been historically neglected by traditional hair companies.

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