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We're reimagining natural hair care for men with products made for guys with curly hair. Here you're not an afterthought; you're our main priority

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Nile Hair is for my brothers and men like them struggling to maintain their hair due to a lack of representation in the men’s hair aisle.

-Shamillah, Founder & CEO

"When I saw [the product] in person, it looked so much better than any of the digital mockups, which is an awesome experience and feels really rare,”

"After Iga’s older brother asked her to help him find hair moisturizer for his thick and curly hair, she discovered a void in the market: a paucity of quality haircare products for Black men.

Available at 601 Barbershop in Hurst, Texas. Ask for Big Dave the Barber!

I named the brand after the Nile River to pay homage to my native, Uganda. But, the river motif extends beyond my personal connection to the brand; I hope it can inspire our customers to find a sense of strength and community in the origin of their roots. Their roots are different and so is their hair; both deserve a platform to be discussed, taught, and celebrated. Nile Hair is dedicated to reimagining natural hair care for men by empowering them to take active roles in their haircare journeys. Like the river, Nile Hair is the source of solutions for your roots.

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